IFRA on call-

IFRA on call

A case for IFRA
Every day, we handle assistance emergencies at IFRA. With the experience of ten thousand cases. Cases like these.
Injured KFOR soldier
Bosnia, crash into a ravine by off-road vehicle: After the emergency operation in the American field hospital, IFRA Assistance transported the man from Tuzla to the Vienna General Hospital on the same day.

Infant with heart defect
A heart defect puts the baby in Sarajevo into a life-threatening situation. IFRA Assistance regulates all official matters, transports the child to Vienna in the air ambulance and organizes the transfer from the airport to the clinic.

Injured tourist
Fructure of the tibia and fibula: fateful end of the hike of a tourist in the Azores. IFRA Assistance organizes the return to Vienna directly for the following day.
We help wherever we can...
We help wherever we can...
We are available 24/7! Whenever you need IFRA, we are there for you.

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