IFRA for insurance companies-

IFRA for insurance companies

IFRA network:
without boarders
Almost four decades of experience. Around 10,000 assistance operations using our own resources and those of our partners: forging ever closer ties with the other members of the global IFRA Network.
Every language, everywhere
It’s not just during deployments on our home turf – in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia – that IFRA’s excellent assistance services shine. Thanks to the partners in the extended IFRA network, we are able in a position to respond worldwide – quickly and efficiently whenever anyone calls on us to help. For IFRA, there is no such thing as geographical and language barriers. Europe including Russia. North, Central and South America Middle and Far East (incl. China and Japan) Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Doctors. Lawyers: verified by IFRA, worldwide
No matter where and when something happens: at IFRA we are always standing by, ready to help – safe in the knowledge that we can draw on the support of our expert partners all over the world.

At IFRA we help and count on coordinators and experts all over the world.
Our local IFRA Network partners are pulling out all the stops.
IFRA doctors′ pool for doctors on site: for different languages ​​and medical specialties.
IFRA Legal Circle for local lawyers: familiar with the country-specific language and legal situation.

Full assistance programme
We help wherever we can. So in many, almost all (emergency) situations: tourists, business travelers, foreign workers. In case of medical emergencies, after an accident, after technical breakdowns.

Medical assistance

  • Medical flights
  • medical consultation
  • hospital visits
  • doctor-to-doctor consultation
  • repatriation (also of the deceased)
  • local medical transport
  • funeral assistance
Medical  assistance-

Tourist assistance

  • Lost and found service
  • hotel arrangements
  • travel arrangements
  • taxi and car rental
Tourist assistance-

Technical assistance

  • Breakdown and recovery services for all types of vehicles
  • replacement car hire
  • hotel arrangements
Technical assistance-

Legal assistance

with international partner lawyers via the IFRA Legal Circle.
Legal assistance-
We help wherever we can...
We help wherever we can...
We are available 24/7! Whenever you need IFRA, we are there for you.

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