About IFRA-

About IFRA

Our strengths:
Know-how -
and know-who
All Assistance Areas - Directly in Central Europe - Worldwide via the IFRA Network.
With the note: personal commitments.
It is professional assistance: the insurers - assistants - private customers looking at IFRA - and get.

In all areas from medical to technical assistance. And with the efficiency of a powerful team. In almost four decades, we have proven ourselves in the markets. And built up the resources our customers value us today: Comprehensive assistance capacities in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland. In addition, excellent connections to assistants around the world.

In the end, there are always people we come to help.

That is why our work always has two sides: while professionalism and well-established logistics are essential, comfort and human devotion strengthen the personal condition of people in need.

That′s Assistance à la IFRA.
We help wherever we can...
We help wherever we can...
We are available 24/7! Whenever you need IFRA, we are there for you.

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